There’s nothing quite like being around and interacting with nature to relax and help ease the mind. With gardening, simply focusing on the task in hand, be it weeding, pruning or planting, can have an astoundingly positive effect on your mood. Since people have busy lives and don’t always have time to keep track of their plants, this app provides a much-needed support system to help nature their plants by providing a virtual plant on the app imitates the approximate growth of their plant showing how a properly taken care of plant should look, thus providing a measure to work from.


UI + Brand
Upon launching the app, users are welcomed with feature screens introducing the app to the user. They then have the option to sign up or sign in. For those logging in, the app directs them to the ‘plants’ tab. For those signing up for the first time, upon registration, they are welcomed and introduced the quiz that matches the user to plant that fits their lifestyle.
Users will take a short quiz that matches them to a plant that is ideal for them as based upon their availability and lifestyle preferences. The recommended plants will be personalized based on the user responses.
Users will be matched with three recommended plants in which to choose from. They will have the opportunity to view information about each plant including a description, quick facts, and detailed care instructions. The user can then choose one or more of the plants that they would like to save to the ‘my plants’ tab. Once a user has purchased the plants they have chosen, they can return to the ‘my plants’ tab for further instruction. 
New Plant
Once a user has bought the plant (or plants) they have matched with, they can return to the app and open the ‘my plants’ tab and confirm the purchase has been made.
My Plants
Each of the plants the user adds has its own page with care information specific to the selected plant including watering specifications, light and temperature recommendations, what kind of soil to use, and when it blooms are included, as well as notes for miscellaneous information.
User has the option to turn on reminders so that the app will provide a pop-up on the users’ phone with notifications. When notifications are pushed, the user is directed to the app and provided with a pop-up reminder for watering, confirmations, and other care-related notes. Users can then confirm, deny or reschedule aspects such as watering of the plant(s).
The app calendar allows the user to see an overview of each month’s care schedule. More plants mean more reminders, so its helpful to see them all in one place. The current day is highlighted in a pink filled circle, with the number turned white. The selected day is highlighted by a pink-lined circle. Days with reminders are indicated by having a small dot underneath the day.