Vaille is an app created to help users dealing with mental health issues to become more aware of their mood and behaviors and encourage healthy options for dealing with stress. App features allow users to track daily routines which allows the user to identify negative actions and ideally create positive habits which increase focus, happiness, and calmness through mindfulness, meditation and the reinforcement of techniques learned in therapy.


UI + Brand
Upon launching the app, users are welcomed with simple feature screens introducing the app to the user. 
Sign Up
The user is given the option to sign in or to sign up for a new account. Once registration is complete, they are welcomed to the app by name. Every time the user opens the app while logged in, the user will see this screen. After being welcomed, the user will be sent to the home screen, which has the day of the week and day of the month as a header and has options of things the user can choose to do on the app.
Inspirational Quotes
Each day the user has the option to view and like a new quote. Quotes are designed to be insightful and/or inspirational and will generally provide words of encouragement about specific topics such as overcoming obstacles, seeking help, self-care, being more outgoing, embracing opportunities, and more.  
Journal Reflections
The user has the option to create journal entries to help them reflect on their day by describing the emotions they are dealing with, making notes, and rating how they feel. By tracking activity, feelings, and mood, the user can increase self-awareness and create a better understanding of how their daily routines and habits affect their moods.
Questions can be skipped by swiping or clicking ‘save and close’ at any time and the user can customize the choices on the 2nd screen. In the notes area, users can even add a picture if desired.
Each day the user has the option to answer a new question that is meant to be thought-provoking thus making the user contemplate their response and the question itself. The more the user thinks about their actions and feelings, the more they realize what they need to change about their behavior.
Daily Goals
Users can create a list of goals that they want to accomplish that day and can check them off when completed. Each day the user has the option to keep goals from the previous day or start a new list altogether.
Navigation Tabs
On the journal tab, users can view all of the journal entries they have created that day and access journal history via the scrolling calendar. In settings, they can view quotes they like, and access their responses to daily questions. The user can also learn about self-care and access crisis information in case of emergency.
Self Care
Since self-care is vital for building resilience toward stressors in life, users can learn how to take care of their minds, bodies, and souls by engaging in activities that promote well-being and reducing stress.