Packaging + Brand
Consumers are more vocal than ever; they want to be able to tell their stories, share their habits, and speak up for change through the power of social media. They want to be proud of the products they consume and the companies they purchase from. As a result, consumers are demanding that companies become more involved with their communities and work with local businesses to provide sustainability, and they are not afraid to hold companies accountable in the process. This brand was inspired by these current changes in our society and the growing movement of adopting a healthier lifestyle and made to embrace these ideals and support local economies in the process.
Mimic’s labeling was inspired by ‘Minimalism’, which accentuates the subject through the eliminating all non-essential forms, features or concepts.
All labels utilize colorful line art imagery and simple white font that contrasts against a black backdrop, and not only embraces this minimalist aesthetic but also makes the label pop and stand out when placed on a shelve next to other similar products.
The front of each bottle contains a label that includes only the line art imagery representing the primary drink ingredient slightly cropped to add interest; in addition to the drink name, ingredients in a simple list, net contents and brand leaf icon.
The right side of the bottle contains a label that provides a full-color profile image and a simple introduction of one of the farmers that Mimic works with to source produce.
The back of the bottle contains the required nutrition label.
The Mimic website consists of a modified-minimalist aesthetic that allows the web pages to adequately promote the company without having unnecessary imagery, context, and features. 
Unlike our product labels, our website utilizes a light-colored theme with white backdrop and simple black text for most of the content provided; however, there are small deviations to this throughout the web pages to make certain information stand out.
Throughout the website, there are strategically placed links, images, and slideshows which showcase specific information and/or connect to additional information about particular topics. These graphic elements may be presented in a variety of ways, but all fit comfortably within the theme, color palette, and aesthetic of the overall website.
The three products featured are shown with buttons of their catchphrase linking them to their specific product page. 
Other features of the homepage include a section for farmer partnerships which provides a brief bio on some of our new and produce partners; an ad at the bottom of the page promotes an app that Mimic created to learn about recipes; and when offered, the home page also highlights limited-time specials or product promotions.
The ‘homepage’ highlights three of Mimic’s products at any given time which usually consist of the best sellers of the season, but may also consist of any limited-time blends, specialty blends, or holidays blends which may become available. 
The ‘where to buy’ page consists of a minimal search map where consumers can input their zip code in order to search for stores in their local areas that sell Mimic products. 
The product pages provide details and product specific information based upon which products’ page you are currently viewing. All product pages highlight the three sides of the bottle for each blend, provide a sassy little fun-fact about the main ingredient in the blend, and a list of icons representing the fruits that are found within the blend.